SUMMARY: Motif and Solaris on IPX machine

From: Daniel Hurtubise (daniel@sar3.CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA)
Date: Tue Nov 08 1994 - 00:04:27 CST


Original posting:

> Sun-managers,
> I'm running Motif 1.2.2 and Solaris 2.3 on an IPX machine.
> I've setup the proper environment variable for mwm manager
> to come up when I fire off openwin.
> Motif works fine on all my other models of sun workstation
> except the IPX. On the IPX display, the window display get
> scattered and after a while even refresh doesn't work and
> I have to exit openwin/motif. Openlook (olwm) works fine.
> Has anyone else experienced this problem?
> Does anyone have an explanation?

This is a known bug, BugID 1147430.
The patch that is needed is 101362-xx.

Patch-ID# 101362-24
Keywords: xsun, server, jumbo, patch
Synopsis: OpenWindows 3.3: Server (Xsun) Jumbo Patch
Date: Oct/13/94

Solaris Release: 2.3

SunOS Release: 5.3

Thanks to Peter Samuel for his prompt response.

Daniel Hurtubise.

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