SUMMARY: X11/R5 and Motif

From: Joe Welfeld (
Date: Sat Nov 05 1994 - 01:30:25 CST

Original question:

} I am looking for X11/R5 and Motif 1.2.2 or greater that will
} run under SunOS 4.1.3. Any suggestions, and pitfalls youve run
} into installing and running these would be appreciated.
} Will summerize.


Most responses were for Bluestone Software, or IXI's package the info is below.

Motif from Bluestone Software (609-727-4600). It runs under both SunOS 4.1.3
and Solaris 2.x. $99 gets you the license, the binary for mwm,
the includes and the libs.

IXI's phone number is (408-427-7700) The price for a users package is $195,
and developer is $695. The user pack supplies the window manager,
the developer package supplies the libraries.

Thanks to: (Howard.Modell) (Orville Aldrich 267-6916) (James W. Williams)
cdsmgr@cae3 (Cadence Application Manager)

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