SUMMARY: X-Interface MIME Mailer

From: David Morgan edl/z x4427 (
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 03:30:19 CST

Hi to all,

I got 16 responses to this, of which 4 were ME-TOO's. 1 had two preferences.

I clock it at:-

7 - Z-Mail from NCD.COM
4 - EXMH (X front end to MH)
1 - PINE
1 - Gnu Emacs & Lisp Extensions.

We are just about to test-drive EXMH, as our postmaster has built MH & XMH
and is using that already as his preference.

We have also built procmail which isn't MIME but is really good
to have to sort all the "BULK" and work-related stuff and things
like mail from backup-scripts into piles for future reference, so they
don't clog up your mail-box.

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The responses I got:-

Bob Halloran:
        Try Z-Mail; costs money but worth it IMHNSO.
        Trial copies by anon-FTP from, and mail to for a 30-day license.

Dave Fetrow:
        pine ( has partial X support; e.g. it will fire
        up "xv" or whatever as a viewer on an X screen.
Gregory Bond:
        I use exmh, a front end to MH written in tcl, from
        Nice, but a bit slow.
Mark McIntosh:
        Commercial? Try ZMail by the ZCode divsion of NCD.
        Free? I don't know of any as complete as ZMail. GNU Emacs 19 has
        some support for it if you put together the right Emacs Lisp extension

Steve Erhart:-
        If you don't mind paying for a commercial package, try Zmail.

Anthony Baxter:-
        latest version 1.5omega, latest 'production' version 1.4
        I use 1.5omega all the time, works fine.

Joseph F.Backo:
        I'm writing this to you on one - Z-Mail. It is an excellent mail
        package - fully Motif compliant and MIME compliant. You can grab the
        real package at in /pub/z-code/zmail/3.2/zm32sunos4.1.tar.Z.
          Z-code will give you a password for 30+ days and you can try it out.
        You can get more info by writing to - this is not a
        mail reflector - just tell them what you need and they will get it
        BTW - I work for the company...

Steve Warner:-
        Try Z-Mail from NCD (the same people who make X-terminals and
        X-terminal emulation software). Don't have a number handy but they
        advertise widely.

Jhon Honce:-
        Exmh is a GUI front-end for MH.

Patrick O'Callaghan:-
        Try 'exmh', available from You'll
        need TCL/TK as well.

Andy Kumeda:-
        Look at zmail from Z-Code software -- probably the best all-platform
        mailer around.

Birger A. Wathne:-
        Z-Mail from Z-Code software, part of NCD (The X-terminal vendor).
        I'm about to install it.
        Contact for info in sweden.
        Supports POP, UUCP, X.400 and SMTP transport.
        Directory services: /etc/passwd, aliases, NIS, X.500, files.
        Includes a scripting language for sorting/automation.
        X-windows(Motif), MS-windows, ASCII and Mac versions.
        Sounds great. We'll see when I have it installed....

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