SUMMARY: UUCPD Skips past its Password Prompt!

From: Lawrence Houston (houston@Geog.McGill.CA)
Date: Sat Nov 05 1994 - 08:34:06 CST

SUN Managers:

Original Question as posted:

Running SunOS 4.1.3 (no patches) on a SPARC/2 and I am unable to get UUCPD
to pause on its Password Prompt when accessing via TCP Port 540! It
accepts the login name, but skips right past the Password Prompt
immediately returning a "Login incorrect" error message? Operates
correctly if no password has been assigned (which would be unacceptable)
or if I telnet in without using the UUCP's Specific Port 540!

Fairly new to UUCP configuration, but I have successfully configured
Taylor UUCP 1.05 on another system. Suggestive of a bug in UUCPD, but it
may also be something I have missed in a configuration file(s). Yes the
username is valid and yes the shell is /usr/lib/uucp/uucico, but no it
never gives me a chance to verify the password when accessing via the TCP
Port 540.

Any insite to this "anomaly" would be greatly appreciated!

Those who responded were:

Syd Weinstein <>
Peter Dalgaard SFE <> (Birger A. Wathne)
Gregory Bond <>
Rahul Dhesi <>

All who replied correctly indentified the problem as SMI's UUCICO skipping
past the password prompt when being accessed via Telnet Port 540 due to
interpretation the CR/LF generated by pressing the <Enter> key as two
separate new lines!

Peter was the only one to provide a solution in terms of modifying the
entry in the System File to account for this "feature". His reply was as

Had me up the wall too! Dirty trick is to bypass usual chat
script and simply do

kubism Any TCP kubism "" LOGIN\rPASS

[no, those are not my login and password...]

As it turned out I has already switched to using Taylor UUCP 1.05 by the
time the replies started arriving. An additional feature of Taylor UUCP
being that uucp logins are NOT recorded in the wtmp file (it uses its own
separate password file).

Thanks to all those who replied!

Lawrence Houston - (

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