SUMMARY: SPARCstation-370 memory config

From: Geordie Klueber (
Date: Sat Nov 05 1994 - 05:09:48 CST

Subject: SUMMARY: SPARCstation-370 memory config

Whew, is this one ever late! Well, better late than never, eh?
I received numerous responses, and most of 'em actually agreed! :-)
Anyway, here are the answers to my questions (my original posting follows).

        1) All 8 SIMM slots MUST be populated
        2) All 8 SIMMs MUST be the same size (eg. all 1M or all 8M)

        3) Jumper J1900 (1-2) next to the SIMM slots must be OUT for 1MB SIMMs,
                IN for 8MB SIMMs.

        4) Boot PROM 3.0.3 or higher is required for 4MB SIMMS.

        5) The SIMMs MUST be at least 100ns (or faster).

Thanks to the following people for their insight: (Don Lewis)
        Hans van Staveren <> (Martin Oksnevad)
        Curt Freeland <> (Anthony Worrall) (ROBERT DUCKWORTH) (rocky gould)
        "Patrick L. Nolan" <pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU>
        John Valdes <> (Roger Graham) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services) (SCOOP)

Thanks! Here's a copy of my original request:

---------------------------------cut here---------------------------------------

> We've got a SPARCstation-370 (one of the old VME-based SPARC systems) here
> with the following config:
> SPARCstation-370 w/8 megabytes main memory
> TAAC graphics accelerator (bleagh!)
> SCSI disks/tape/etc...
> Currently, all 8 SIMM slots are populated with 1 megabyte SIMMS. We're
> trying to upgrade the memory, but I've heard all kinds of rumours regarding
> this system. Does anyone know the answer to the following questions:
> 1) Do all 8 SIMM slots HAVE to be populated, or do you have to
> fill them in "banks" of 2 or 4 like on other SPARC systems?
> If so, what order must the banks be filled in (eg. which
> SIMM slots are each "bank")?
> 2) Can you mix 8 MB and 1MB SIMMS (eg. 4 8MB SIMMS and 4 1MB SIMMS)?
> 3) Are there any jumpers/switches/etc you have to switch to "tell"
> the motherboard that >1MB SIMMS are in use?
> 4) What version of the PROM Boot Monitor supports >1MB SIMMS?
> 5) What speed SIMMS are required for this system?
> Any info regarding these questions would be greatly appreciated! I'll
> summarize if there's interest...
> -- Geordie Klueber

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