SUMMARY: Small Post-Reinstall Nagging ...

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 15:56:38 CST

> Date: Wed, 28 Sep 94 11:41:03 +0100

Whoops, there are several Summaries overdue ... I asked:

> However, there is a Number of Subtleties that changed because of diffe-
> rent Hardware Setups, more complete Patching etc. and which I would
> like to change while I'm at it:
> 1) cmdtools and /etc/utmp
        (I.e., chmod 644'ing /etc/utmp causes Console Messages, is there
        a Way to get that straight?)
        Unsolved, still working on it. I meanwhile found that it kills talk. :-C
> 2) slow Selections in X Apps
        (... after patching OpenWindows)
        Unsolved, still working on it.
> 3) Rebooting and a looped-through Monitor
        (Rebooting SS10 seems to produce Spikes on the looped-through
        AC Connector the Monitor doesn't seem to like)
        Solved by not Rebooting anymore. ;-)
> 4) Mail.Aliases
        (How to do This.Kind@of.mail.aliases ?)
> 5) Read-only Fileserving - WHAT?
        Read below.
> 6) Docs on "Survivor" Hosts?
        (If the Fileserver crashes, is there a Way to have the Mailserver
        stay working?)
        Read below.
> 7) Email Voting System
        Solved: There's no such Scheme currently known.
        Related Technical Reports at
> OK, now for the gory Details (sorry for the long List Mail ...):
> 5) Read-only Fileserving - WHAT?
> I'm planning to make the Fileserver as secure as can be without
> restricting Use of the Cluster. Currently, the only Things I
> export with Write Permission are the User's Homes and Hordes of
> /export/root's and /export/swap's. In Order to have fortune
> workable, I moved /usr/games/lib to a writable Partition.
> Does anyone know of other Parts of the OS which should better
> be made Cluster-writable?

I didn't receive anything but Me-Toos on this. However, the above
Collection has worked flawlessly until now. But note that we're
not exactly a Power-User Shop, and that Mail and News Spools get
mounted from another Host (r/w, of course) ...

> 6) Docs on "Survivor" Hosts?

This Question was ill thought out. The User Homes have to be on the
Fileserver, to be secured by the UPS. However, this means that as
soon as the Fileserver goes down, the Mailer will hang whenever it
tries to check for a ~/.forward. Short of automounted Mirrors or
keeping the Homes off the Mailhost (providing fake Homes to put
the .forward into), the Answer is "no Way".

Thanks to: (Mattias Zhabinskiy)
John G. Thompson <> (Mike van der Velden)
M.Gream@uts.EDU.AU (Matthew Gream)

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