SUMMARY: Silencing TFTP Requests

From: Jochen Bern (
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 08:31:59 CST

I wrote:
> on the Occasion of Reboots after several Power Line Repairs, two Groups
> started looking at each other's Net Activity more angrily. Currently,
> one of "them" is thinking loudly about how to construct poisoned Boot-
> blocks for his Hosts to offer to our SUNs when they contact via TFTP.
> =:-C We have a Lot of diskless SUNs running 1.1.1 B requiring to TFTP
> down their Bootblocks.
> The current Body Count is Zero and I'ld like to keep it that Way. There
> are Routers between us, but due to other Requirements, they have to
> stay in the current Configuration which is to do Bridgeing. I don't have
> enough Disks to let all SUNs boot locally, either. Finally, the Network
> is off my Limits, preventing me from setting up any Filter Device.
> Sooo ...
[... can I keep TFTP Requests from going Places, and how likely is it
that someone piggybacks in that Way?]

The Consent is that the Law-and-Order Way to block the Requests would be
to tighten the Routers, however as I said, this is not an Option. Other
than this, the Solution (?) is that both Sides would have to delve far
deeper into Things than it's worth to get their respective Tweaks working.

Thanks to:
Dan Stromberg <>
Mike Raffety <>

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