SUMMARY: Integrating Sun clients with Banyan Vines server

From: Bill Maggio (
Date: Sat Nov 05 1994 - 18:57:49 CST


First, I'd like to thank the following people for quick responses: (Michael Scott) (Patrick Buryk) (John K Scoggin Jr)

My original query:

>>I have a problem in which a customer needs to integrate a small network
>>of Suns into an existing, corporate-wide, Banyan Vines PC-based network.
>>I am aware that Banyan sells ENS for Solaris, that, in effect, allows
>>you to run a Banyan server on a Solaris box (enabling the Banyan
>>StreeTalk naming service and Vines file-and-print sharing). I'm under
>>the impression, though, that with ENS for Solaris, in order for the PCs and
>>the Suns to transparently share the same files, the Vines PC clients would
>>need to access a Banyan file service running on the ENS for Solaris server
>>and the Sun clients would simply use NFS to access the same filesystem.
>>The problem is that the customer does not want to have to go out and
>>buy a Sun Sparcserver and Banyan ENS for Solaris software. They want to
>>use their existing Intel-based Banyan Vines server and have the Suns
>>access the software running on this server, either through running an
>>NFS server package on the Vines server (kind of like Novell's Netware NFS
>>product on Netware servers) or run Vines client emulation software on the
>>I was wondering if any sun managers have actually run into an integration
>>problem like this and found a solution that works.
>>Thanx in advance!

To keep the summary short and sweet, I received 2 responses pointing me
towards Incognito Software's NFS for Vines product. It's an NFS server
that runs as a third party service directly on the Vines server. Incognito
Software is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and can be
reached at (604) 688-4332, as well as email via

I contacted them and received a product spec sheet and for $1,995 this
is exactly what is was looking for! FYI, the Vines server also requires
the Banyan TCP/IP routing option to be installed on it, as well.

Thanx again!

Bill Maggio

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