SUMMARY (of sorts) BSD Compatibility Package

From: The best things in life ... are fantasy. (
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 15:22:42 CST


First I want to thank all my prompt respondants! Unfortunately, I
was remiss in compiling a list of same, but you all know who you are
I think.

Ok, The question concerned the availability of Berkeley Comapatibility
package(s) for Solaris 2. Apparently this means two things; Binary
compatibility (which was not the issue I had in mind) and Command
compatibility (which was). Regarding the former, my respondents told
me that such a package was included. Regarding the latter (if I am
not mistaken), one respondent said that the commands were and would
remain compatible while another (Dan Stromberg) spoke of a package
he is composing available from

I hope I have got this right. But, as always with language, ITTYTWIT
remains in full sway.

Thanks to all.


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