Disk Mirroring-SUMMARY

From: ger barrett (Ger.Barrett@analog.com)
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 22:08:29 CST

Hi Everyone ,

my origional question :

I am looking for a product that will allow me to mirror two systems
on the same network in much the same way Sun's Online Disksuite works
for different disks on the same node .

Is there such a product ?


I had six responses to this question and one "me too" .

1. try looking at OpenVisions High Availability product ....tim

2. I think this is called clustering. Sun are supposed to be
        releasing such a product. You *could* use rdist! :-)....David

3. You may want to inquire upon SUN if they market the clustering software
        package. I know they were selling this awhile back but I don't know if
        t took root in the market place.

        I think it acts like DEC's clustering LAVC package. Maybe this will
        give you what your looking for? ...phil

4. Certainly is - Reliable NFS from ISIS Distributed Systems. I know
        support@sw.stratus.com works, I think sales@isis.com and info@isis.com
        do as well.

        It does replicated systems with automatic client failover. ....kev

5. Look into the product RNFS from the people at ISIS. Try sales@isis.com
        or post in the comp.sys.isis newsgroup......Glen

6. One option is to use AFS (Andrew File System). AFS will allow you to
        mirror read-only data on multiple servers. However, you probably want
        a distributed file system that allows you to mirror read/write data
        (don't we all?). Unfortunately, I don't know of such a product. I
        think there are companies working on high availability NFS via mirrored
        servers, but I wouldn't expect to see anything but vaporware and bogus
        announcements for another year or so.

        I did see a press release for a product called Watchdog FMS which makes
        some claims in this area. I have no idea if it actually works. The
        press release is attached.

        A stop-gap solution might be to run a dual ported raid array on two
        file servers. If server 1 dies, you boot server 2 from the same
        array. This would minimize your down time, but not eliminate it.
        Watchdog FMS might help you with this solution......Nate

thanks to all who replied ...

wwrobd@lpdwhy.bhp.com.au (david)



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