Summary: Sharing Tape Drives

From: John Stelling (
Date: Thu Nov 03 1994 - 00:19:06 CST

Original Post (paraphrased):
How do you remotely use a 9trk tape drive which is attached to a workstation
and dump the data straight to a server located elsewhere.

1- use rsh to run the extraction on the IPC and dump to stdin on the 2000 (11)
2- nfs mount the 2000 fs on the IPC and run the extraction on the IPC (3)
3- rfs mount the tape drive (3)
4- rewrite the dd command using the rmt libraries (3)

I guess I'll have to delve into the world of remote shells!
(I'd like to try rfs, it's mentioned in the Sol2.3 manuals but they don't
say how to use it)

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