Summary: Solaris 2.x changing the target id for boot disk

From: Zia Iqbal (
Date: Wed Nov 02 1994 - 22:55:00 CST

Original Question:
> hi Managers,
> I want to change the target id of the boot disk, and I
> change the entries in the /etc/vfstab accordingly but
> it does not work, the machine freezes while trying to mount
> /usr, I wonder if there is anither file that needs modification
> for this to work, any inpit will be appreciated.

The summary was long over due, thanks for all the people
who sent helpful replies, here is the solution which worked
for me from Ken Smith, Dan Stromberg, Glen Satchell, Jod de Bruijne
hit the nail on the head by pointing out that the new devices have
to be configured using drvconfig, devlinks and disks command
(which are run automatically when you do a boot -r ) and
in order to do that I had to have access to the / and user partitions
which were of course not there because there were no device entries
for the new boot disk, so I had to boot off the cdrom ( I could have booted
off the net or from another bootable drive and run these three commands )

Glen Sachel provided the solution that worked for me

mount / on /mnt
drvconfig -r /mnt
disks -r /mnt
devlinks ( I am not sure if this last step was really necessary)

Ignored the messages from drvconfig about not being able to write

This will created all the devices required. Then unmounted the filesystem
and did a boot -r ( after adjusting the entries in the vfstab)

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