SUMMARY: Changing icons in xview

Date: Wed Nov 02 1994 - 19:34:29 CST

My original post:

>I'm porting my old SunView programs to Xview (Openwindows 3.0).
>My problem: I cannot change the icon image.
>I found this remark in the file /usr/openwin/share/buglist.xview:
>Bug Id: 1061631
>Category: xview
>SubCategory: library
>Synopsis: FRAME_ICON doesn't work, changing icons is poorly documented
>Public Summary:
> The obvious and advertised way to change the icon:
> xv_set(frame, FRAME_ICON, (Icon)new_icon, NULL);
> almost never works. It fails silently when the frame is mapped,
> regardless of whether it is open or iconic. I consider this
> a bug of high priority.

The solution was not to change FRAME_ICON, but ICON_IMAGE.

Example (from Glenn Satchell):

sigpoll_func(client, sig, when)
Notify_client client;
int sig;
Notify_signal_mode when;
/* icon label */
        icon = (Icon) xv_get(frame, FRAME_ICON);
                ICON_IMAGE, volume_image[icon_num],
                XV_LABEL, icon_label,

        return NOTIFY_DONE;

Thanks to all who responded: (Brian Sommers) (Jim Redpath SRI Georgia Field Site) (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

Gerhard Buergmann
Philips Vienna

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