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Date: Tue Nov 01 1994 - 14:36:41 CST

Original question:
>We had experienced process table full situation a couple of times
>during the past month. I get finally fed up with it, yet feel so
>powerless. I know there is a way to limit the number of process on the
>per user basis on SVR4. But we are running Sun OS 4.1.2. Your advise
>on how to detect and prevent it from happenning again is desperately
>needed. I have a backgroud process running as the root to monitor the
>result of "pstat -T" every five seconds. But the table was full within
>five seconds. Besides, even I had been notified, I couldn't do much.


I got many response, most of which correctly pointed out that MAXUPRC
in param.c of the kernel configuration directory sets the maximum
number of user processes. By default, its value is NPROC - 5 (total
processes - 5), NPROC, in trun, depends on the value of MAXUSERS,
which is configurable in the kernel configure file. In our case,
MAXUSERS has already been configured to be 255. So increasing its value,
as many gurus suggested, will do little to solve my problem.

Thanks to all who responded. Due to the large quantity of the
responses, I am not including your names here. My solute to you all!


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