Summary: PD WYSIWYG word processing software

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Date: Tue Nov 01 1994 - 07:32:54 CST

Thanks to the following for sharing their experience:

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and especially:
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The original question:

>>I am looking for public domain WYSIWYG word processor software,

The answers:
        . You may want to try "Andrew" from Carnegie Mellon University.
                For more info:
                phone: 412.268.6710
                smail: Andrew Consortium
                       School of Computer Science
                       Carnegie Mellon University
                       Pittsburg, PA 15213

        . A work around will be to run WABI on the Sun and then install
           the Microsoft Word for Windows.

        . do not seem to be PD wordproc programs out there.

        . alternatives:

Thanks again sun managers.


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