SUMMARY: HPLJ-4MP & Postscript errors

From: David Mostardi (
Date: Tue Nov 01 1994 - 01:49:54 CST

I am printing to an H-P LaserJet 4MP from
a Sparc 10/41 running 4.1.3. I have configured
the serial port for RS-232 and made appropriate
menu entries on the 4MP. All my print jobs
come out OK, but right after every job comes
a page with the following (not very helpful) text:

        ERROR: undefined
        OFFENDING COMMAND: error


The problem is caused by certain programs not terminating
the Postscript files properly (i.e. the PS interpreter has
not realized the job has ended).

Mark Lawrence pointed me to the Sep '94 edition of Dr. Dobb's Journal
(available via anonymous ftp to "").
This file is C code (use gcc to compile), and the resulting binary
gets used as an input filter in the /etc/printcap.
Works like a charm.

A cool feature of this code: the HP's tiny info panel will
display the host and name of the user while his job is being
printed. Very nice!

Thanks to:
Robert Sargent <>
Schwarze <>
 "Monty B. Peffley" <>
Ashish Desai <>
Jack Stewart <jack@CCSF.Caltech.EDU>
Timothy G Smith - Special Projects <tgsmith@Sun.COM>
rangern@CIRANO.UMontreal.CA (Normand Ranger) (Tim Wort)
Jeff Collyer <>
Charles Mengel
Mark Lawrence

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