SUMMARY: non-Sun CD-ROM drives

Date: Mon Oct 31 1994 - 11:24:57 CST

Sorry for the late summary. My original question was how to get non-Sun CDROM
drives to work with Suns. Thanks for all your suggestions. Unfortunately ether
didn't work or I wasunable to implement them.

The responses came under the following categories:

"Cut traces on the CD-ROM circuit board"
--Sorry, I'm only borrowing the CD-ROM. The owners wouldn't be too happy about
--However, I could buy one of my own and do it. I was trying to avoid that,
though. (buying
--my own drive, that is. Cutting traces doesn't bother me )

"use adb to modify kernel"
--All the examples I saw were for Solaris 2.1(SunOS 5.1) or SunOS 4.x.x . I'm
running Solaris
2.3(SunOS 5.3),

"C programs to set the block size on the CD-ROM drive via SCSI commands"
--See above.

"Shut down volume management and mount the CD-ROM manually
--No go!!

"stop volume management, insert CD into drive, and restart volume management"

Of course nearly everyone pointed out the fact that Sun's CD-ROM driver only
supports a block size
of 512 bytes: a fact I didn't know. I also got some great info out of the CD-ROM
faq which some of
you were kind enough to send me.

Oh, the drive was a Toshiba XM3401.

Thanks to:
"Henry Katz" <!hkatz>
"Kevin A. Noll" <!knoll>!gary (Gary Cook, Dir. Tech Services, MCE, Inc.)
Ian Chisholm <!chis>
Nate Itkin <!Nate-Itkin>
Richard.Hellier <!rlh>
Steve Elliott <!se>!Johnny.Hui (Johnny Hui)!kan!rao (Randy Olsson AWC)!robert!boenning (Dirk Boenning)!anderson (Mark S. Anderson)!gary (Gary Cook, Dir. Tech Services, MCE, Inc.)!dean (DEAN)!mattias (Mattias Zhabinskiy 203-929-8810x251)!glenn (Glenn Satchell - Uniq Professional Services)

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