SUMMARY: machine can't ping itself

From: Dan Penrod (
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 05:28:13 CDT

Many many thanks to your replies. They were plentiful and varied. Most
people pointed at possible problems with NIS and or routing. A couple people
hit it on the head... DOMAIN NAME SERVICES. Apparently someone put BIND on
dogbert while it was gone and those entries were all bogus. I tend to only
think about local /etc files and NIS tables when the services are local.
I completely overlooked DNS.

I deleted the /etc/resolve.conf and the bind program file
/usr/lib/ and that basically fixed it. The way it works now,
and the way the rest of our machines work is they look to the NIS server
(or slave) for local NIS services or the DNS server (same machine as NIS
server) for non-local name resolution. By getting rid of those two
offending files both NIS and DNS are now working correctly.

After I fixed that, I was temporarily surprised to find automounter wasn't
working correctly but that turned out to be simple brain fatigue/panic.
I had forgotten to add dogbert to the netgroup NIS table so the various
hosts would know to export to it.

Special thanks to Anthony Baxter for pointing out that 'trace ping dogbert'
would show me what files/table were actually be referenced. Clever
debugging technique.

Kudos to Todd Kover for reminding me to make sure there was an
/etc/resolve.conf file. Oddly, the problem was that there WAS one and
SHOULDN'T have been one.

Compliments to Joseph Mervini for knowing it had to be a DNS problem and
reminding me to check dogberts .conf file.

Applause to Bill Kastner reminding me to make sure my DNS server knew about

Cheers to Jochen Bern for suggesting DNS Resolver and liking the name dogbert.
The owner of dogbert named dogbert. Have you seen the comic strip? Very
funny... I'll fax a copy to interested parties.

Bonus points to Ruud van Poelgeest, not for solving the problem, but for
staying awake at night worrying about it. :-)

Regards to those that had various other ideas. Thanks for your thoughts and
efforts. Every bit of feedback was greatly appreciated:
Steve Kilbane
Ian Angles
Chip Christian
Danny Johnson
Michael Maciolek
Dan Zegarac
Glenn Satchell
Martin Achilli
... and anyone else I may have inadvertantly overlooked.


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