SUMMARY: IBM 3270 Emulator

From: Matt Marlow (matt@gilligan.UCSD.EDU)
Date: Sat Oct 29 1994 - 01:33:57 CDT

>From matt@maryanne Wed Oct 26 15:31:46 1994
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 94 15:31:37 PDT
From: matt@maryanne (Matt Marlow)
Subject: SUMMARY: IBM 3270 Emulator
Cc: matt@maryanne
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My thanks to ALL of those who so graciously sent me copies of
their x3270 executables, as well as to those that provided me
with 'hints' on compiling my own. I took the easy way out and
used an executable sent to me - so far it's working just

For those "me too" replies, I can send you a copy of the files
I'm currently using so that you may share in the benevolence
of the many fine users on this list! Just drop me a line and
I'll send it right out to you.. One quick note: the file
'' needs to be copied to your app-defaults directory
as just 'X3270'. Mine was at /usr/openwin/lib/app-defaults. That's

Once again, thanks to all of you who took the time to help!!

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