SUMMARY: ab_link not working

From: Lisa Zenobi (lisa@fci.COM)
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 17:09:41 CDT

Thanks to David St. Pierre, he had the right fix for my problem. His fix
is as follows..

        you need to update $SUNSOLVEHOME/fultext/ab.cfg - i think the last line
is the important one:

CIX = ab.cix
DCT = ab.dct
REF = ab.ref
DUP = ab.dup
RUP = ab.rup
LOG = ab.log
STP = fultext.stp
MSG = fultext.msg
PTH = /share/data/SunSolve/data/ab/
#COL1 = /share/answerbook/sr_index/1_5.cfg
COL1 = /share/answerbook/sr_index/SUNW1_5.cfg

This is supposed to be fixed in sunsolve 2.5

My original question...

        Why can't I get answerbook 1.1.1 to link to SunSolve 2.4 on my
IPX system running Solaris 1.1.1b?

Lisa Zenobi
Technical Support, FORCE COMPUTERS Inc.

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