SUMMARY Sun Link 8.0 question

From: Mauricio Fernandez (
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 23:34:21 CDT

The solution was to put a greter number in the following line
of /etc/systems

set s_xxx:max_ccbs=n

n was 3 and I changed it to 20.

Unfortunately I deleted the message with the hint. Anyway, consulting
to my logs, I guess it was due to

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>From Fri Oct 28 15:09 EDT 1994
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 15:32:51 +0300
From: (Mauricio Fernandez)
Subject: Sun Link 8.0 question

Hello, I'm running SunLink X.25 8.0 in an SS10 under Solaris 2.3.
I have installed patch 101524-01 as well. Every time I run the
pad daemon I get the following error:

PADD: I_PUSH(s_xxx): Out of stream resources

I'll do appreciate any hints you could give me. I'll summarize.

Thanks in advance,

Mauricio Fernandez

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