Summary Disksuit

From: David Weitzel (
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 17:45:24 CDT

Summary Disksuite

Sorry I lost the mail file holding the names who replied.

All said Disksuite is a good worthwhile utility, but I do not
need it to format and partition a 3+ gig drive into 3 - 1gig

I am; however, going to suggest we budget for this in the near future.
The ability to change partition size on the fly, mirror disks, and
slam 2 or more disks into one big partition does sound like
something we will need to accomplish in the near future.

And all for about $2002 from Sun tellesales 1-800-sun-0404.
(non paid advertising for sun. I am not nor will probably
ever be affiliated with sun and I have not received compensation
for this message. Tax title and liscense extra).

Also you might note that the same number above will allow you to
use Suns tellesales voicemail system to fax yourself info on
the more popular Sun supplied machines and software products.
I can see where this can come in real handy!

Thanks everybody for the quick response!

-Dave Weitzel

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