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Date: Wed Oct 26 1994 - 20:52:14 CDT

Hi Friends !

My original question was about running NFS client on PC
or ftp/telnet. and... the summary bellow: (THANKS ALL)

From: Andrej Misik <>
For ftp/telnet clients, try NCSA telnet or Clarkson University
TCP pkg.NCSA telnet is available at
From: Michael Covington <>
Do an archie on cutcp.... It is a Clarkson U TCP package for MS-DOS. It
is what we are using here and we have yet to run into any major
From: Peter Tyrrell <>
See the comp.protocols.smb group for details on Samba.
Samba can run on Unix platforms that are accessed by PCs. If you use
MIcrosoft's TCP/IP-32 3.11 driver there's no problems accessing files or
printing through Unix. Much faster than PC/NFS.
From: Chris Wozniak TISC <>
SOme months ago I pulled down the public domain software called XFS
from University of Tasmania, installed and tested it. Works fine,
allows file system and printer sharing, but no Telnet/Ftp.
Let me know if you're interested, I'll send you the ftp address.
From: David Bath <>
No NFS client that I know of is PD. However the NCSA FTP/TELNET programs
are readily available from SIMTEL, OAK and mirror sites in thye
MSDOS.NCSATELNET directory. Alternatively, there are a number of
things that sit on top of Winsock (if you are running Windoze).
You may also need the Clarkson/Crynwyr packet drivers, also available
from SIMTEL.
From: Gerhard Lausser <>
i know a free nfs product at
since i dont use it myself, i hope it will work for you.
From: Guenter Millahn <>
Have a look to
via anonymous ftp.
From: Matthew Siple <>
There are lots of good programs to do dos to unix ftp/telnet and
even nfs. For dos we use a program called CUTCP. It is
a telnet/ftp package originally from Clarkson Univ. (hence C U TCP).
For nfs I use XFS. It seems very stable and works well. Then there
are even more windows based telnet, ftp, gopher, mosiac, finger, talk
and newsreaders available at The rest of the stuff
you can get from many sites. Use archie to search for cutcp.
From: Mattias Zhabinskiy 203-929-8810x251 <>
There are 2 packages: and
From: Dave Fetrow <>
 Personally I use "packet drivers", Suns' PC-NFS (probably wouldn't be my
 choice if I was picking one this week), "pktmux" to multiplex the
 packet drivers. These are not optimal choices for 1994 but they are
 defensible and they sure were amazing when I started!
 Among them:
 NCSA telnet/ftp (includes vt100and tektronix 4010-style emulators,
                 (an ftp server that runs while telnet runs, a standalone
                 (ftp program.
 SAMBA (Makes your Sun a LanManager host as I understand it)
 XFS (Makes your PC an NFS client)
 SOSS (makes your PC an NFS server)
 A pile of commercial NFS implentations including: Sun and Chameleon often
 available with X-windows software as part of the deal.
From: Pell Emanuelsson <>
Yes, use archie and search for "nfs025". contains a built-in
TCP/IP stack. The others have support for different external stacks. It's
shareware though. Another, probably more preferrable, solution is to
setup a samba server on the unix box and use Lan Manager (built-in in
Windows for Workgroups 3.11) to access unix files and printers.

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