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From: Garry Perratt (
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 03:49:32 CDT

Greetings all,

On Oct 19th I wrote:

> I have alow-density 8mm tape, written on an IBM RS/6000, which I cannot read on
> a SPARC10 (running 4.1.3) using any of the usual utilities - dd, tcopy, even
> cat. They all give input or read errors. I CAN read it on one of our RS/6000s
> IF I set the device specifically to read unblocked data (the tape is variable
> blocksize).
> The question is then, can I do an equivalent operation on the SPARC10 drive?
> Or is there something else I can try? I can USUALLY read tapes written on
> RS/6000s, and I can USUALLY read this type of unblocked tape (seismic SEG-Y for
> anyone who's interested).
> My understanding is that if dd fails with a read error, then there is no hope!
> I HOPE someone can prove me wrong or I may be shipping gigabytes of data across
> our network from IBM to Sun in (lots of) small chunks!

The problem was that the tape was compressed - ie. written on an 8200c or 8205c (or
something like that!) - NOT that it was written on an RS/6000. When I read it on our
RS/6000 I was not aware that the drive supprted compression, so missed the obvious

Many thanks for all the replies.



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