SUMMARY - "Exploding" automountd

From: Kevin O'Donnell (
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 05:44:19 CDT

It looks like the solution was what is probably the most common solution
after RTFM and RTFF, namely ITFP (Install the F***** Patch) although the
people responding were kind enough not to put it that way. :-)

Thanks to Gene Loriot (
          Steve Kilbane (

The original patch was 101329 but this patch has been obsoleted by 101318-54
which is available in the collection of recommended patches for Solaris 2.3
named (wait for it) 2.3_Recommended.tar. After installing the patches, the
problem seems to have gone away.

The patches are available from your local sunsite among others,

To check your present patch level, use the "showrev -p" command.

The original question:

Environment: Sparc 10s and 20s running Solaris 2.3

Symptoms: Every day or two on one of the machines which is the automount source
          for most of the /opt stuff, the automountd process starts growing
          rapidly from a few hundred Kb to 10s or 100s of Mb until the
          automounter locks up and dies.

When I notice things lock up or the process growing, if I do and "autofs stop"
then "autofs start" it cleans up and everything seems normal until next time.

Til Later,

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