SUMMARY: Error: Timeout Waiting for ARP/RARP Packet

From: Henrik Schmiediche (kksys!kksys!solid!PICARD.TAMU.EDU!
Date: Sat Sep 24 1994 - 15:12:46 CDT

for everyone who answered my query concerning the error message:

  Error: Timeout Waiting for ARP/RARP Packet

which appears on bootup on my Sparc 20.

The problem was that the Sparc 20 was trying to boot of the net and
not of the disk. How this configuration change happened I do not
know. But here are some solutions.

1) Power down and press 'L1' and 'n' simulataneously while
   powering up. This resets the NVRAM to factory defaults.

Here are less draconian measures and good things to check if the
system is having difficulty booting.

2) From the "ok" prompt (L1-a and then maybe "n" to get to it):

   boot disk

   to boot from the disk and not the net. To make sure it always boots
   of the disk set the proper variable:

   check boot-device
   setenv boot-device disk
   setenv boot-device disk? (where ? is a #, disk = disk0 = scsi id 3)
   One person said now type "reset" after the setenv command.

3) Perhaps the system is in diagnostic mode:

   check diag-switch? [it should respond with false]

   if not:

   setenv diag-switch? false

   to get it out of diagnostice mode.

4) To make sure the system sees the disk:


5) To list the environment variables (good for diagnostics to see why
   things are not booting:


6) Also make sure the environment variable:

   watchdog-reboot? false

   is "false" says another person.

THANKS to all who responded - the help was much appreciated.

   - henrik

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