SUMMARY: Error: Timeout Waiting for ARP/RARP Packet - what mean???

From: Henrik Schmiediche (henrik@PICARD.TAMU.EDU)
Date: Fri Sep 23 1994 - 00:04:38 CDT

I received many responses from people concerning my query and (I
thought) I had posted a summary. Then I start receiving more messages
telling me the answer (even a phone call - thanks!). I do not know how
it happened, but it seems that instead of a summary I re posted my
original question.... ARGHHHHHHHH!

Thanks to eveyone who responded! The solution to my problem was simple.
The Sparc 20 was trying to boot of the net. I do not know how to boot
prom variables got changes, but they did. Here are some solutions
to the problem:


   Hold down the L1 and the 'n' key and pwoer the system up -
   this will reset all NVRAM parameters to default.

Less Draconian:

On 'ok' boot prompt enter 'printenv' command and make sure

If not - set them:

  setenv boot-device disk
  setenv diag-switch? false

and reboot. You can type:

  boot disk

to explicitly boot of the disk instead of the net and you can type:


to make sure the Sparc sees the disk. If it does not there *may*
be a hardware problem.

Crossing my fingers... hope this will go through.

   - Henrik

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