Summary of Looking for Virtual Desktop (olvwm)

From: Joel M. Whitesel (
Date: Tue Oct 25 1994 - 17:32:46 CDT

I originally posted a question about where to find
Virtual Desktop (olvwm) for Solaris 2.3. (Thanks
to all that responsed via email and additional

I located olvwm 4.0 at "" under
/archives/X11R5/contrib as olvwm_p1.gz and olvwm_tar.gz
(note these are "gzip"ed).

I unzipped these files and build olvwm 4.1 after
making the necessary edits to the files referenced
in the patch (diff listing). I then copied the
executable into /usr/openwin/bin (since that is in
everyones path). We have not seen any problems
(see the README for a list of known problems).

[The Catalyst CDWARE for fall 1993 contains
virtual desktop 3.4 for SunOS 4.1.x.]

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