SUMMARY: sendmail logging and daylight saving times

From: Nick Murray (
Date: Wed Oct 26 1994 - 06:58:45 CDT

I was fooled into thinking it was something weird by the fact that only logging
was time stamped wrongly. Sendmail is supposed to get it's timezone information
from the TZ variable, but under Solaris 2 this seems to be broken. Sendmail's
timezone can be explicitly set using the 'Ot' option in the file,


If the timezone is omitted the system default is used.

Thanks to: Casper Dik <>
and everyone else who mails me after this summary goes out.

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>From nmurray Tue Oct 25 10:57:15 1994
Subject: sendmail logging and daylight saving times
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        Last Sunday in the UK the clocks went back by one hour. All the
machines have their timezones as 'GB-Eire' and the clocks changed as expected.
However the mail machine logs messages to /var/log/syslog using BST instead
of GMT (ie. an hour fast). Mail messages are time-stamped correctly, and all
other syslog'd messages have the correct time, but not sendmail! I have
restarted the syslogd and sendmail, but nothing helps. Has anyone seen this

 The machine is a SPARCstation 1+ running Solaris 2.3 and sendmail 8.6.9 with
the most up to date versions of all the recommended patches.

Thanks is advance,

Nick Murray
Department of Computing Science
Aberdeen University

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