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Date: Tue Oct 25 1994 - 16:57:20 CDT

Hello Sun managers,

My original question was:

"Does there exist a third-party interactive communications program for SunOS
4.1.3 which allows dialing up a remote call-back modem, then allows the remote
modem to hang up and picks up the line again when the remote modem returns the
call? Programs like "tip" exit when the phone line hangs up."

I got these four responses so far:
Use kermit: set the modem to answer on one ring, dial over to the other site,
log in and hang up, make sure the modem retains the state, and stay on the
line to reconnect. It's available from, and works a *hell*
of a lot better than tip. You could even write a kermit script to do the
login ritual on the remote machine for you.

CoSystems of Santa Clara California 408-748-2190 has CoSecure that does
just what you described.

Check out Black Box, They have a Call-back device that physically seperates
your system from the phone lines...

There is some hardware/software that is distributed by an outfit in San Jose
California called CoSystems CoSecure. Unfortunately, I don't have their number.
The are also third partied thru the var Andataco out of San Diego 619 453-9191.
The CoSecure software can be set up with authorized user lists and does do
hang-up and call back.

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