SUMMARY: floppy drive

From: Ashok Sharma (
Date: Tue Oct 25 1994 - 02:44:01 CDT


Lot of managers responded to my original question:

> Hi Managers
> I need to read a dos formatted diskette from the floppy drive
> attached to my Sparc station.
> Is there any such utility to read/write the floppy drive?.
> Ashok
Thank you very much for everyone who answered my question. (sorry, if the
question was not relevant to this group).
Too many responses to mention.
Here goes the summary.....
On a SunOs 4.1.3, as SuperUser and do the following
mkdir /pcfs
mount -t pcfs /dev/fd0c /pcfs

Solaris 2.x
if you have volmgt then only need to insert floppy
mkdir /pcfs
mount -F pcfs /dev/diskette /pcfs

Utility to read/write

This is real slow though!

Lot of good recommendation for a pkg called mttols
from archie (freeware), runs lot faster .
Another utility called mntdisk, allows non-root users to mount

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