SUMMARY: How much RAM?

From: derrick hongerholt (
Date: Tue Oct 25 1994 - 00:42:39 CDT

Thanks to all the people who have replied so far. They are,

Joe Garbarino
Ken Erickson
Charles Mengel
Ric Anderson
Daniel Lovinger

My original question was,

> We have a SPARCstation 2 with 64Mb RAM installed. I run pstat -s and it tells
> me the following,
> 7048k allocated + 1948k reserved = 8996k used, 23760k available
> Does this command only give information on the hard disk swap space or
> does this include the RAM. At boot time the machine recognizes the 64 MB.
> I know this and also ran the command /etc/dmesg | grep mem which was
> suggested in the sun managers most frequently asked questions. From this I get
> the following,
> mem = 65536K (0x4000000)
> avail mem = 62902272
> I would appreciate any suggestions or comments and I will summarize!
> Thank you,

The answeres I recieved were all telling me that pstat -s only shows swap space. However I found
out also that because my swap was so low our machine does not even use the extra 32 MB of RAM we
installed. From what I gather it is best to have at least as much swap as RAM and even better
to have 2xRAM=swap.

Also from Ken the explanation of where some confusion may lie is that under
SunOS 5.x (aka Solaris 2.x) swap -s tells you the amount of swap + RAM.

Also I should have noted that I am indeed running SunOS 4.1.3_U.

Thanks again.

Derrick Hongerholt

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