SUMMARY: rsh problems

From: Stephen Pendleton (
Date: Mon Oct 24 1994 - 22:40:45 CDT

My original post was:

        I'm stumped. I have a host named oberon that cannot do a root
rsh without a password to our yp host named titania.

If I change the .rhosts file to contain just a + , it works.
Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?


        My problem was that the yp hosts table was not getting updated
correctly so that the hosts table on the computer with the problem was
not complete. To fix this I killed ypbind and restarted it so that it
pointed to the correct server. Thanks to (say hi to
mickey for me) and Paulo Licio de Geus and Russ
Poffenberger for pointing me in the right direction! Thanks to all


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