SUMMARY: Obsolete mounts in /etc/rmtab

From: Dan Saul (
Date: Fri Oct 21 1994 - 00:28:59 CDT

The original question:

>I have several NFS client machines for which the hostnames were changed without
>first unmounting their NFS filesystems. Now whenever 'showmount -a' is run on
>the NFS server, the obsolete hostnames show up with their last mount entries.
>I know I could temporarily reset the hostnames to their former selves and
>properly unmount the NFS filesystems but was wondering if there was a less
>painful way to remove these obsolete entries from /etc/rmtab.

One less painful way (there are no doubt others):

With your favorite text editor, edit /etc/rmtab and replace column 1 with a "#"
for the appropriate lines. Kill the mountd daemon and immediately restart it.
Upon startup, rpc.mountd erases all entries from /etc/rmtab with a # in the
first column.

Thanks to:
Ray Brownrigg
Eckhard R|ggeberg
Casper Dik <>
Glenn Satchell

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