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Date: Fri Oct 21 1994 - 00:22:26 CDT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Original Question >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hello Sun-managers

    We have several postscript printers but we need to print HP-GL plot files.

    Does anyone know of some software that will convert HP-GL plot files
    to postscript.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Solution >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

1) GNU has a package called hp2xx that will convert hpgl files to a number
   of other formats including pcl and ps.

2) hp2ps

3) hpgl2ps

It seems solution 1) was the better of the three by the responses.

Thanks to the hundreds of replies.

One person flamed me. I am not sure but I was always under the impression
that printer administration was part of a Unix administrator's duties?

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