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Date: Thu Oct 20 1994 - 23:11:55 CDT

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ORIGINAL QUESTION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hello Sun-managers

    Lots of our disk space is taken up by graphic files (ie *.gif...).

    Does anyone know of some software that will compress them.

    compress makes the compressed file bigger.
    gzip makes the compressed file only 1% smaller.

    I do not what to convert to jpeg and then compress.

    Thanks, and yes I will summarize.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SOLUTION >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Don't bother looking for this, since GIF is already a compressed LZW
format. It will not compress much more at all. Unix "compress" makes it
bigger since it uses an ancient algorithm which is inferior to what GIF
formats already have. So, compressing twice results in an increase!

Thanks to the hundreds of people who replied.

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