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From: V.Tantimonaco (
Date: Thu Oct 20 1994 - 04:02:15 CDT

Here is a summary of the answer I received about the following

" since last week I receive a strange message from my system:
 Oct 18 17:56:54 dtcad20 sendmail[1999]: AA01913: SYSERR:
 net hang reading from lnc04005: Connection timed out during
 greeting wait with lnc04005
 (dtcad20 is the name of my W/S and lnc04005 is the name of the
 W/S who provides me the mail...)
 What does it means? And what I have to do to fix the trouble? "

The problem is still not fixed...

from: Frank Lowe (

Not sure, but this message sometimes has to do with bugs in the
Solaris 2.3 OS involving tcp/ip kernel parameters. The following
is from a solaris2.faq. We added the ndd -set /dev/ip ip_mtu_path_discovery 0
command to our /etc/init.d/inetinit file so it is processed at boot time.
This mostly fixed a similar mail problem here. You can also run it
interactively to see if it does any good. See man ndd.1m for details.

I think that Sun may have tweaked the tcp_ip_abort_interval in one of
their kernel patches. Our value shows up as 480000 which is 8 minutes.
You should probably bring the mail host and your local machine up to date
on the used to be required/now recommended patches if you haven't already
done so.

Good Luck

from:Liza Weissler (

The connection between your system and your mail server failed,
but if both systems are up you could probably consider the error
transient and not worry about it. If it happens repeatedly you
should contact your system administrator. If you are your
system administrator :-) you should check to see whether sendmail
is running properly on both your system and on your server (i.e.
is it delivering other mail ok?).


Thank you!

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