SUMMARY: Appletalk for Sun

From: Gilbert Young (
Date: Thu Oct 20 1994 - 14:45:11 CDT

Dear Fellow Gurus,

I got about a dozen responses for the request for info on appletalk for
the Sun and found out the following information:
(I) Free/Shareware:
1) netatalk
                Can Be Found At:
2) CAP (Columbia Appletalk Protocol)
                This one may require extra hardware that would need to
act as anappletalk to ethernet bridge.
(II) Companies that provide Appletalk Software solutions:
1) K-A Share/K-Spool by XINET (510)-845-0555
2) MacServer by SYNTAX (206)-838-9836
3) uShare/Partner by Information Presentation Technologies
4) PacerShare by Pacer Software (508)-898-3300
5) EtherShare by Helios (408)-864-7959
(III) Companies that provide Appletalk Hardware/Software Solutions:
1) Gatorboxes by Cabletron Systems (800)-473-4776
        And thats all for the Sun Appletalk Solution! Note that some
companies have other packages that run on other vendors platforms. Cayman
Gatorboxes seem to run with anyhting that acts as an NFS server, so it is
good for a site with many/different server platforms.
Many thanks go out to the people who responded, of which i lost most
of their ethernet addresses because when i wrote the file from my unix mail,
the address header wasn't included and the file wasn't saved in my old-mail
mailbox :-(, so if you didn't have a tag line with your address, you are
thanked very much, but not listed below:
                        Gil Young

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