Summary: nispasswd can't change the password?

From: Jesse (
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 13:55:43 CDT

I asked:

>I started to play with NIS+ by following the procedure (with NIS
>compatibility) in the "Administering NIS+ and DNS" manual. After
>setting a root domain, I use admintool to create a user, say
>testuser. As a superuser, I can use nispasswd to change testuser's
>password. But when login as testuser, I receive the following message
>when I try nispasswd: (all run on root domain server)
> Changing password for testuser on NIS+ server.
> Old login password:
> New login password:
> Re-enter new password:
> NIS+ password information changed for testuser
> nispasswd: couldn't change password for testuser.
> Reason: failed to update the cred table with reencrypted credentials.
> Please notify your System Administrator.
>When went wrong? Where should I look for the cure?
>I look at the access right of passwd and cred table.
>In the passwd table, the owner of each entry is the individual user,
>but in the cred table, the owner of each entry is the root. Is this
>the reason why the testuser can't nispasswd a new password?

As suspected, admintool doesn't give the correct ownership of cred
entry. Creating a new user with nisaddcred fix the problem.


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