SUMMARY: ICR software that runs on a SUN : CORRECTION

From: Andrew George (
Date: Thu Oct 20 1994 - 11:12:15 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,

My original question was:-

> Does anybody know of any ICR software running on SUN?
> My current platform is a s20/50 running Solaris 2.3, but I would be interested
> in details of any ICR software running on SunOS 4.1.3 as well.

My question generated questions, ICR stands for Image Character Recognition,
which is similar to OCR Optical Character Recognition.

***CORRECTION: ICR stands for Intelligent Character Recognition****

I recieved 6 replies and it seems the most popular OCR/ICR software package
in ScanWorx from Xerox. Following is a copy of the most detailed reply from
Mary Hinman at Berkeley which details four packages and her test methods, and
also a reply from Chad Hanna of Network Imaging Systems that includes Xerox's
mail and email address.

> I took a look at a few of the products on the market about 6 months ago
> along with scanners.
> Xerox has ScanWorx: One of the best I tried but more complex. Generaly
> packaged with more expensive scanners. You can get better results
> out of it if you are willing to work with it and train it.
> Aurora's Socrates: Was about as acurate as ScanWorx on my test, (They made
> mistakes in different places), but not as fancy.
> Apunix OpenScan: Not as good acuracy comparied to the first two, but has some
> useful features and immage manipulation. Good choice of scanners.
> Mentalix PixelFX: Not as good acuracy comparied to the first two. It's
> features are somewhat different that OpenScan with different strengths and
> weakneses.
> For comparison I gave them all the same pre-scanned image of a poor quality
> ascii text with multi fonts, many non dictionary words and difficult formating.
> The ones that could use help in the form of dictionarys, training and multi
> passes were not given any. In my opinion a difficult test.
> Of course they will all act differently under different conditions. My
> sugestion is to get a couple you think are the best and compare them using
> your files. It may be that all of them are accurate enough for you and what
> you are more interested in is the features.
> Mary Hinman
> Center for EUV Astrophysics
> Mary Lou Hinman <maryh@cea.Berkeley.EDU>

> Try ScanWorx from Xerox Imaging Systems, Inc. There are versions with APIs
> and Editors, and also for PCs (TextBridge). Our Demo CD-ROM has versions for
> SunOS 4.1.2, AIX 3.2.2 and HP-UX 8.07 and it's an old CD.
> Worldwide Headquarters
> Xerox Imaging Systems, Inc.
> 9 Centennial Drive
> Peabody
> MA 01960
> Tel (508) 977-2000
> Fax (508) 977-2435
> email:
> ----------------------------------
> Chad Hanna
> email (work):
> email (home):

Thanks also to:
Juergen Wagner <gandalf@Csli.Stanford.EDU>
Mike Rembis 66520 <>

Thanks to everyone else that replied,



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