SUMMARY: 2nd Ethernet interface

Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 22:34:43 CDT

Dear Sun-Managers,

it was again this list that helped me out of a problem. Great!

Thanks to the repliers

Chris Swanson <>
Eckhard Rueggeberg <>
John Bollard <uusr656!>
Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child} <
Pamela Pledger <pamela@Legato.COM>
Paulo Licio de Geus <>
Robert Wolf <>
Scott J. Kamin <sjk@KaPRE.COM>
Torsten Metzner <>
Wolli Steiner <Wolli.Steiner@Rhein.DE>
Wolli Steiner <Wolli.Steiner@Rhein.DE>

Special thanks to Richard C. Mills <>,
who sent me a ksh-script to fix the problem (script is added to end
of this summary).

The solution

To install an additional Ethernet interface (let's call it le1):

1) create /etc/hostname.le1 that contains the host name

2) make the interface known to the system:
   ifconfig le1 plumb
   (this is the part I neglected before)

3) configure the interface:
   ifconfig le1 up <ip-nbr> netmask + broadcast +

4) test the connection

The script (by Richard C. Mills)

# Purpose: Configure ethernet card.

# get hostname

echo "Which ethernet interface [le0 or le1] ?"
read interface
echo "Enter hostname for $interface [default `uname -n`]:"
read host_name
echo "Enter I.P. address for $interface : "
read ipaddress

if [ -z "$host_name" ];then
        host_name=`uname -n`

echo $host_name > /etc/hostname.$interface

# plumb - Open the device associated with the interface name and setup the
# streams needed for TCP/IP to use the device. Before this is done the
# interface will not show up in the output of ifconfig -a.

ifconfig $interface plumb

# configure ethernet card

ifconfig $interface up $ipaddress netmask + broadcast +

The original question

Dear Sun-Managers,

the scenario is a SS10 under Solaris 2.3 with two Ethernet interfaces.
The first interface (le0) is configured via default settings
(/etc/rc2.d/S...) at boot time.
Now I have to configure the second interface such that it is able to
communicate over a (physically) separate Ether-net.
Could please anybody tell me what changes/settings I have to make ? 133.yyy.yyy.yyy
   --------------+ +--------------
             IF1 | | IF2
            | SS10 |
            | |
            | Solaris 2.3 |
            | |


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