SUMMARY: Help make /var/yp

From: Paul A. Hepp (
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 21:48:30 CDT

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I changed my /etc/aliases file, cd to /var/yp and
typed make. It just sits there.

Hal Stern's book suggests a rm *.time and then make.
If make is not doing anything now, how will this break it loose?

What is the command for rebuilding the map tables?

This is a rush request; the boss is on my back.
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Thanks to the 26 responses. I had left out that doing
makes after changing aliases had never failed in all
the times I used it. PANIC set in quick!

I also failed to mention that I ran newaliases;
it also hung.

Make worked after re-trying it the 10th time. No explaination!

******* The Summary:
-Many mentioned looking into Makefile for ALIASES=/etc/aliases.
Plus some other more complicated "fixes" to Makefile.

-Many suggested running /etc/newaliases first, (a must) then
cd /var/yp
make aliases
This would only make aliases, I prefer just make, that way password gets
checked as well as the others.

-Reinitializing the master (ypinit) was the command that I was
looking for in the first place. This was used in my deep past to rebuild
the corrupted DB. Read man for details.

- Doing a make -v -n would be more informative as to where the
problem might lie.

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