SUMMARY: Problems with saving window workspace

From: Scott Wyckoff (
Date: Tue Oct 18 1994 - 18:12:10 CDT

        Sorry for the delay in summarizing my little problem. It appears to be
a known bug with Solaris 2.3. Supposedly it has been remedied in Solaris 2.4.
In the mean time, one can correct this problem by manually changing their
.openwin-init file. The argument Wi tells the system how a specific window will
appear initially. -Wi means the window will come up closed, +Wi means the window
will come up open. The -Wp argument sets the initial position of the open
window in question. The -WP argument sets the initial position of the closed
window in question.
        The answer was found by one of our part time sys admin people. She had
to put in a call to the Sun trouble desk. We have not been able to find the
definition to these arguments in any of our documentation.
        Thanks anyway to everyone who pointed in the right direction at least.
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