SUMMARY: Sparc Storage Array

From: Victor Le (
Date: Mon Oct 17 1994 - 16:41:43 CDT

Hello Sun Managers,

My problem :
> I'm get in troubles with the installation of SSA on Sparc Server 1000.
> Environment :
> SS 1000 -> with Solaris 2.3 , Kernel jumbo patch 101318-39
> and all the rest of recomended patches plus 101765-01.
> Rom Revision : 2.12
> four 50 MHz processors
> Memory : 168 MB and 4 x 535 MB disks
> Sparc storage Array with 6.3 Gb and one Optical link connection, and Fibre channel host adapter with one Optical link connection. plus Sparc Storage Volume Manager Software 1.0
> ____________________________________________________
> During the installation of SSA volume manager software, I've got the following error when add the array drivers:
> "drvconfig: System call 'modctl_modconfig' failed : No such device or adress, Warning : Driver (pln) configuration failed.
> System could not install the driver.
> It seems that the phisical device it's not installed or have a problem, but I try to install the SSA on a SS10 with Solaris 2.3 and the same pathes and every thing was Ok. I've got the
> SSA up and running on the ss10.
> I suspect that my SS1000 could have Hardware problems, and I made a new instalation on a new SS1000 with Rom Revision 2.18, I've got the same bad results.

_ I received sugestions to install patch 101318-54,do reboot -r, and check the connections of the optical fibre cable, in fact the message "drvconfig: System call 'modctl_modconfig' failed" usually is due to a bad connection of the fibre cable or the Sbus Fibre channel Host adapter, but in my case the problem was a strange hardware Problem with Sbus Fibre channel Host adapter, so I installed a new one, and every thing runs OK. it was just plug and play.

Thanks to all:
ianh@fruitbat.UK (Ian Herd - U.K. - Cuddly OS Group) (Ken Burns) (Jochen Bern)

P.S. - sorry for my message has been sended 3 times to the list, but I received the message, only
for the third time that I have sended it , I know it was a problem with my mail host !
Thanks ,
//Victor Le'

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