SUMMARY - Calendar Tool - Blank!

From: Dan A. Zambon (
Date: Tue Oct 18 1994 - 00:45:25 CDT

Hi Netters!
Well, it's now working, but I don't like the way I fixed the problem....

I essentially moved my callog.username file out of /usr/spool/calendar,
restarted /usr/openwin/bin/install_cmgr, then re-entered my appointments
and "to do" lists.

I have no idea what caused the blank calendar. Many of you said to
kill and restart rpc.cmsd, which I did and which did not fix the problem.
Others mentioned to check /etc/inetd.conf and verify the rpc.cmsd line
is still intact. It was. One person asked to make sure the protections of
both the /usr/spool/calender/callog.user file and parent directory were
of the correct permissions. They were OK. Others mentioned for me to make
sure that I was not running cm from a different machine. I wasn't...

Thanks to all who took the time and effort to respond. I realize this
wasn't the most earth-shattering of problems, but it sure was annoying.
And since I am not really sure what the heckydern happened, it is probably
going to rear its ugly head again....such is life.

Thanks to:
Mark Halverson x1312 <> (Badri Pillai) (Tim Evans) (Neal)
Michael Baumann <> (David H. Brierley) (rocky gould)
"Patrick L. Nolan" <pln@egret1.Stanford.EDU: (Perry Hutchison) (Glenn Satchell) (haim [howard] roman)
Plus any others I may have missed....

As always, this newsgroup is great because of the people that take the time
and effort to respond. I sure would be lost without it.....maybe I'ld
be running VMS....nah.........

Dan A. Zambon email:
Air Force Institute of Technology phone: (513) 255-6565, ext
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Wright Patterson AFB, Oh 45433-7765 fax: (513) 476-4055

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