SUMMARY: c2 audit tools

From: Adam Fox (
Date: Mon Oct 17 1994 - 17:07:13 CDT

Sorry so late, but I do have a summary. I was looking for software
(home grown or commerical) that grocks C2 audit files better than
praudit. I got 2 responses, one a home-grown product and one pointer
to a commercial product. Anyone interested in either one, feel free
to email me.

Thanks to Mike Halderman <> for his home-grown product which
is nicer than praudit, and thanks to (D. Gleiter)
for pointing me to a commerical tool. (Stalker by Haystack 512--343-2552.

Once again, Sun Managers comes through! Thanks.

-- Adam Fox
Systems Programmer
Supercomputing Research Center
Bowie, MD USA

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