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From: Joanne Warren (
Date: Tue Oct 18 1994 - 11:53:28 CDT

Here is the summary to my question regarding nis+

I am looking for some information on nis+. I have seen the term mentioned
and I was wondering if it something only available on sun's or is there
a company marketing for different platforms.

The reason I ask is because we are experiencing growing pains with our
workstations and we need to manage them smarter. Due to security problems
with nis we have not been able to use that. I am hoping that nis+ is a
more secure nis.

>From Mon Oct 17 08:55:57 1994

NIS+ is definitly more secure. There is a good book that is put out by
SunSoft. The name of the book is All About Administering NIS+
by Rick Ramsey. It is about $48.00 at your local Barnes & Noble
bookstore. Other platforms do have NIS capability but if I am not
mistaken NIS+ is a Solaris bigot.

Hope this helps.


>From Sun Oct 16 12:20:42 1994

Please summarize responses to the group.

NIS+ is part of Sun's ONC+ (i.e. not available from other vendors, yet).

It is an extremely secure environment, with DES credentials for each
and every user and workstation on the network.

A White Paper can be found on ... not sure where.


Those are all the responses I have received. Thanks to Stephen and cc

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