From: David R Courtade (
Date: Sat Oct 15 1994 - 09:47:45 CDT

Original question below. The fix for my FTP problems was quickly
discovered by many (This group IS amazing). The users unable to FTP were
not running a default shell, and adding the shell path to /etc/shells
fixed the FTP access.

Thanks to:

Xueshan Feng
Tim Evans
Kevin Johnson
Danny Barron
Jon Hamilton
Lori Colleran
Dave Fetrow
John M Blasik
Michael Meystel MEYSTMA%DUVM.BITNET@pucc.Princeton.EDU
Ric Anderson
Ralph C Wolman
Robert Wolf

The original post:

> Hello managers.
> I hope I am missing something sort of obvious.
> I seem to have an FTP problem. Trying to FTP between nodes in our
> building, I can access some machines, but not others using my accounts.
> Some others have the same problems. I can gain access through some other
> accounts on the same machines. e.g.
> ftp spr202 and entering drc gets the messages:
> Connected to spr202
> 220 spr202 FTP server (SunOS 4.1) ready.
> 530 User drc access denied.
> Login failed.

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