SUMMARY: HELP with dp 2.3 with Livingston Portmaster, Sun OS 4.1.3

From: Darryl Wagoner-MIS Manager (
Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 22:03:07 CDT

I haven't gotten it to complete work yet, but this problem was caused
by the chat script of dp 2.3 not matching the PPP session begin.

The log file now reports the number of packets recv/sent, but I can't
ping either the interface our other systems. This might be something
as simple as a route problem.

Also thanks to Joe McGuckin for pointing me to the following Livingston
support channels:

You might get a more enlightened answer from the Portmasters mailing list
(Send a msg containing "subscribe portmaster-users" to
Majordomo@mail.Msen.COM) or from Livingston technical support

Recap of the problem:

I am trying to connect a SSII to a Livinston Portmaster. It seems to dial
and connect ok but then never switch back to the PPP daemon. Here is
the trace file from dp 2.3. The editor munged some of the control codes,
but you get the idea.

PM1/S4 Connect: Pdax


PPP session from ( to beginning....
~\177}#@!}!}!} }8}!}$}#n}"}&} } } }
}%}&kh:\004}'}"}(}"Qu~~\177}#@!}!}"} }8}!}$}#n}"}&} } } }

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