SUMMARY: Binary compatibility of Sparc 20 and Sparc 5

From: Randy Styka (
Date: Fri Oct 14 1994 - 00:22:42 CDT

Original question in brief:
You have a binary program on a Sparc 20 and move it to a Sparc 5 and
it does not work and is treated as data. Why?

Every response (paraphrased) is that the Sparc 5 must be on SunOS4
(Solaris 1.1). Now, I will admit to feeling a little stupid on this
one, but we did think of this before. One item of information that I
had given before is that the systems are not at our site. They are
at a customer's site. We had asked the customer a number of times
if they were running the same OS on the various systems. Each time we
asked we were given assurance that this was the case. They kept trying
new and creative ways of transferring the run files.

Based on your kind feedback, we made another phone call today.
Paraphrasing a bit, we asked "Are you ***SURE*** the systems are all on
Solaris 2.2?" Their response, was a muffled hmmm; let me check on
that. So I think we have the culprit after all.

The answer is YES binary files on these systems are compatible. The
concern is just OS revisions. Solaris 2 binaries will not run under
Solaris 1 (SunOS4). However, Solaris 1 binaries should run under Solaris
2 if the binary compatibility modules were installed on the Solaris 2

Lesson learned (again):
Just because someone says "yes, I checked that" more than once don't
assume they really did! Corollary: When you can't get someone to take
you seriously, ask the ubiquitous Sun-Managers...they'll have to take a
mob's suggestions seriously ;-)

Thanks for the help, especially:

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And any others in transit...

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